Team pages

An inside look at engineering teams who are hiring


In this video, I explain why we build team pages and demo v1 of the product.


The Devpost platform powers hackathons around the world. Companies sponsor hackathons to reach young talent, while participants embrace the opportunity to connect with representatives from prominent tech companies. Could we enhance our offering to better facilitate this interaction?

Hackathon sponsors set up to recruit students at HackBU. Photo by MLH

Problems to solve

For developers: job searching sucks

Developers are in high demand, but deciding where to accept an offer is stressful. Eliminate HR jargon and provide a transparent look into companies to help developers make more informed career choices.

For companies: hiring developers is hard

Existing job listings don’t generate high quality leads. Interviews are time consuming and expensive. Ping pong tables and free snacks are passe. There has to be a better way to help a company distinguish itself.


  1. Provide developers with the information they want to know, but have a hard time finding prior to the interview stage of the job hunting process.
  2. Enable companies to portray what it’s like to work on their dev team better than their existing careers page or job listings.
  3. Build a lean alpha test to validate hypotheses before investing resources in a new product.


Recruiting was an entirely new offering for Devpost, so I used several research methods to inform our direction.

Competitive analysis

I audited various recruiting products, specifically those targeted at developers, to ensure our product had a unique angle and was addressing pain points not solved elsewhere.

User feedback

We surveyed existing Devpost users to better understand their current job search process, what they want to know about companies they’re interested in, how easy it is to find that info, and more.

Brainstorm sessions

I led several internal brainstorms with our own dev team, who provided a wealth of insight based on their own difficulties during the job search process.

Design experiments

We believed job listings within the context of a company as a whole (what they’re building, who’s on the team, tools they use, company culture, etc.) would be more valuable to developers than job listings on their own. Authentic content that’s “by developers, for developers” became our guiding principle.

I designed a “team page” to highlight this info and provide a transparent look at what it’s like to work on a company’s dev team.

Wireframes for different team page design options.

An initial test of the content was conducted by building a team page for Devpost, since we were hiring developers ourselves and fit the model of the type of company we were targeting. The page was built as a static HTML site to get it up quickly and avoid dependencies inherent in our main application.

I pushed the “share early and iterate often” mantra by launching a basic landing page to reveal our progress and survey for feedback. This helped us learn and iterate before investing engineering resources in a full product.

Landing page announcing the team pages project

Alpha test

We ran an alpha test with a handful of local NYC tech companies. I visited offices in-person and interviewed employees to gather the info needed to build their page. Each page was built as static HTML content, allowing us to learn on the fly, quickly refine the questions used, and easily experiment with the presentation of information.

Ten team pages went live for the alpha test, and were used to conduct additional user research while we built this concept into a fully functioning product offering.

Various team pages from our alpha test. Click to view full page.

Continuous improvement

To reduce the steps needed for a candidate to access critical job information, recently we’ve changed the discovery view to jobs-based search results instead of teams-based listings, and prioritized job information within the team page context. This re-design allowed us to improve additional UI elements and polish our mobile experience.

Discovery listings, updated from teams-based results (left) to jobs-based results (right)

Revised team page design, desktop & mobile views. Click to view full page.